the leading engineering company
to materialize rapid prototyping of advanced lithium ion batteries

Power Supply = Battery System Performance

The customer’s needs is nothing more than to have expected performance as the power supply on their system.
To meet this demand and respond to customer’s requirements, we determine the battery performance, fix the pack control technology and finalize with manufacturing prototype units to verify the specification with sense of speed.
Rapid MODELING is the function ENAX is expected to provide the market.

Two Rapid Service Models

ENAX’s Rapid MODELING is based on following two service models.

  • (1)Rapid ONE
    Propose the selection of battery specifications and pack control technology customized for each requirement.
  • (2)Rapid TWO
    Manufacture and analyze data from prototype units (ES units*) for testing and verification to determine final specifications of CS units**.

Plus ONE

The final stage of performance verification is made with CS units to be installed on to customer’s existing system.
Producing sizable quantity of CS units required for their purpose with sense of speed is crucial.
ENAX has flexibility to manufacture the products in requested quantities; from small-scale production (several hundred cells and several dozen units) to mass-production level in larger quantities.

* ES units: Engineering Sample units
** CS units: Customer Sample units


To build “the future created by lithium ion batteries (LIB)” with absolute certainty, ENAX never cease to pursue nor challenge

Masaki Saikusa
President and CEO

As the momentum gathers to transform electrification of vehicles into reality, just as with cloud services through the integration with AI, the values sought for batteries for automotive applications (LIB) has been changing drastically from ownership (tangible factors) to utilization (intangible factors).

This is all the more reason ENAX believes the value proposition we offer is our agile solutions. We are capable and feasible. To propose specifications speedily for LIB and its system to materialize the power source needs of customer’s “intangible factors”. To convert these specifications into actual products as “tangible factors”.

Proposing One Stop Solutions to resolve challenges for “intangible factors” and providing Rapid Prototyping Solutions to bring them into shape. These are two keywords to describe ENAX’s activities.

With our promising and reliable technology reinforced by rich experience in research and development over the past years, ENAX has implemented various joint development projects in partnership with worldwide leading companies in the automotive and machinery industries.

Today, as we expand our potential with introducing the new business model leading from system proposals to solution proposals, we aim to make an extensive growth together with our innovative customers.

Remaining to be your best Technology Partner and Solutions Partner, up until now and from now on, ENAX looks forward to your continuous support as we undertake the challenges and outface the new stages of battery industry with innovative technology and solutions.


1996 ENAX, Inc. established
2000 Participated in project for development and commercialization of EV truck equipped with large stacked LIB
2001 Assigned to develop battery module for HEV by top leading Japanese automotive manufacturer
2003 Self-developed LIB for electric bike, adopted by US-based EV Global Motors
2004 Jointly developed LIB with Fukui University, conducted driving tests on trams at Fukui Railway Won Grand Prize in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Venture Technology Awards for LIB as alternative to lead-acid battery for automotive applications Established joint venture company with Degussa AG (Present Evonik) and began manufacturing LIB electrodes in Sandong Province, China Jointly developed battery pack for HEV with Continental AG
2008 Received capital increase with private allocation of new shares to TEMIC Automotive Electric Motors GmbH and others
2010 Established joint venture company with Catarc for manufacturing LIB for automotive application
2011 Received FY2011 Intellectual Property Achievement Award from Japan Patent Office
2015 Became part of the Sekisui Chemical Group
2018 Awarded “Management of the Year 2017” by DIAMOND Management Club


Name ENAX, Inc.
Established April, 1996
President and CEO Masaki Saikusa
Capita JPY 3,031 million
Sales FY2014 (March) JPY 923 million
FY2015 (March) JPY 1,816 million
FY2016 (March) JPY 2,222 million
FY2017 (March) JPY 3,251 million
Number of Employees As of March 31, 2015 51
As of March 31, 2016 54
As of March 31, 2017 63
As of March 31, 2018 92
Primary Stockholder Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd.
Head Office Address Collonade Kasuga
2-12-12 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0003
Business Description
  • Development, contracted prototyping, manufacturing and sales of lithium ion secondary batteries
  • Development, manufacturing and sales of battery packs
  • Design, manufacturing and sales of applications equipped with lithium ion secondary batteries
  • Development of electrodes for lithium ion secondary batteries
Primary Customers Top leading automotive manufacturers, railway companies, precision equipment manufacturers and national research institutes
ISO Certifications ISO09001, ISO14001
Other Official member of Battery Association of Japan


Head Office

Collonade Kasuga
2-12-12 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0003
Tel. +81-3-5689-0089 (switchboard)
Fax. +81-3-5689-0030
10 minutes walk from Myogadani Station or 15 minutes walk from Korakuen Station on the Tokyo Metro
Marunouchi Line
Car parking available

Chubu Office

6-1-8 Shinkai-cho
Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture., 479-0837
Tel. +81-569-36-2640
Fax. +81-569-36-2644
5 minutes’ walk from Rinku Tokoname Station on the Meitetsu Airport Line

Yonezawa Office Kubota Site

2474-1 Kubota, Kubotamachi
Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture, 992-0003
Tel. +81-238-36-0066
Fax. +81-238-36-0067
About 15 minutes by taxi from Yonezawa Station

Yonezawa Office Bansei Site
(Process Development Center)

2723-1 Kuwayama, Bansei-cho
Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture, 992-1123
Tel. +81-238-36-0066
Fax. +81-238-36-0067
About 15 minutes by taxi from Yonezawa Station