Laminate Battery Cells

Introducing the Rapid Prototyping for laminate battery cells

Development and manufacturing of high-rate laminate cells

In-house manufactured
high-rate laminate standard
cells (large & small)

We offer 3 Plus 1 base models suitable for our rapid prototyping:

  • High charge/discharge base model (2-20 Ah)Ultra-rapid recharge/discharge at 1000A (50C) or more
  • Low-temperature base model (2-20 Ah)Ultra-rapid recharge/discharge at 100A (5C) in low-temperature environment of -20°C
  • High-temperature base model (2-20 Ah)Ultra A-class rapid recharge/discharge at 1000A (50C) in high-temperature environment of 80°C
  • Plus 1: Capacity-compliant base model (4-40 Ah)Model with good balance between 200 A (5C) input/output and capacity
The base models are in-house manufactured laminated cells. Based on the diverse characteristics data accumulated by ENAX, we expeditiously provide proposals and prototyping to meet our customers’ requirements.
These products can be customized in series-parallel connection numbers and optimized from the cell performance specifications based on customers’ needs.
  • Able to provide smaller and more lightweight systems fulfilling high capacity, high output, high heat discharge and great safety requirements.
  • Customizable width, height, and thickness to fit into the required devices with a high degree of freedom

Development and manufacturing of battery pack using in-house laminated cells

Laminate cell-based
battery pack(example)

Development Examples

<Ultra-high output pack for motor application>
  • Capacity : 4kWh
  • Voltage : 1000V
  • Current : 800A(Instantaneous maximum 800kW input/output)
  • Vibration-resistant, shock-resistant, UN38.3 compliant
<Small, high-output pack for engine starter>
  • Capacity : 40Wh
  • Voltage : 9.6V
  • Current : 50A (Instantaneous maximum 480W input/output)
  • Low to high temperatures, UN38.3 compliant
<Small footprint , combination cell, connectability>
  • Thin battery pack, 55 mm thick or less, taking advantage of laminate characteristics Capable to be fitted into 1U (44 mm)
Being as an entitled cell developer and manufacturer, ENAX has full understandings of cell characteristics and rich experiences in realizing breakthrough for challenges with our pack development technologies.
We are capable to provide high quality special-purpose battery packs in variety of sizes for diverse applications, offered in short delivery timeframes.
  • Able to provide in special sizes such as non-standard width and length
  • Able to develop battery packs with multi-series, multi-parallel arrangement based on customer’s needs
  • Achieves fine control by outputting the battery status to external equipment