BATTERY PACKS / Products Battery Business

Battery pack design and ODM production

We develop and design an entire process of making cells into a pack, such as cell selection, software development, circuit board design, inspection, evaluation, etc. based on customer’s needs. We promise an efficient and smooth launch from prototyping of battery packs to ODM production.

Providing fully-customized battery packs

Making a laminate battery pack with full custom design require advanced battery control technology. Such service can only be provided by a few companies including Enax in Japan.
We have developed power supply units for many customers, mainly in automobile companies. 

Developing and manufacturing battery packs from a wide battery cell product line-up

We select the most suitable battery cell from a wide range of product lineup using “our-own supply chain“ and create a battery system that is perfect for your needs. With the knowledge and know-how that we have accumulated in developing in-house cells, we guarantee “high quality” and “maximum economic rationality” even when using other companies’ cells. We apply the same quality standards to procured cells as our own cells.