Battery pack development
Vision and mission

Realizing the high performance battery packs required in emerging markets

Our customers require the appropriate battery packs as a solution to maximize the performance exhibited by the new product systems they develop. They also want the solution in a limited amount of time.
We believe that this is why they make inquiries with us.

We do not believe that our role is limited to simply creating packs with the required battery pack specifications.

Our way of thinking is as follows.
We will help your sublime “feelings” for the development of new products with the advanced battery pack development technology within the limited and precious time to the optimal “shape”.
We want to be the one who will support batteries tomorrow.

“Make their thoughts a reality, together with our customers.”
This is our slogan.

Company characteristics

In general, do you experience the following problems when developing battery packs?

⇒Our company provides a solution for battery pack development that was previously thought impossible and dilemmas that were previously thought unavoidable!!

In many cases, the gap between the requirements and reality occur because it is assumed that “only a limited range of batteries can be used.”
Instead, if the development is not limited by the “types of battery handled,” if a wide variety of batteries can be procured from the market and if there is the “technology to pack them appropriately,” then most of the dilemmas and gaps previously experienced can be solved.
Therefore, our company opted to respond to the requirements of customers by not only having in-house batteries, but also a large lineup of batteries such as the following to fit the expected markets and applications.

We respond to customer requests with our lineup of batteries with these varied specifications and varied performance levels. ENAX is an engineering organization that offers a one-stop service from customized battery pack development to manufacturing.

Battery pack solutions

The answer to the various issues is found naturally by selecting the ideal battery. However, the actual requirements may not just be for one thing. For example,

Drones  :  High capacity, lightweight, large current  ⇒  High capacity laminate batteries with multiple layers, multi-parallel connection
Industrial robots  :  Compact, high capacity  ⇒  High density arrangement of high capacity batteries and heat design
AGV (mobile robots)  :  Long life, rapid charging  ⇒  High output batteries with multiple layers, multi-parallel connection
Flying cars  :  Super high capacity, high safety levels  ⇒  Super high capacity batteries with multiple layers, multi-parallel connection and highly safe pack design

We use a wide range of batteries and packing technologies to find the ideal answer combination.
That is the true nature of the battery pack solutions our company offers.

Value proposition unique to our company

Why is that possible?
It is because of our unique value proposition.

Familiarity with the behavior of batteries
Our company is a laminate battery manufacturer and we fully verify the quality of each of the batteries.
Plentiful experience in design and development
A wealth of results in the packing of batteries from 18650 type cell to laminate cell.
A value chain not offered by other companies
We regard the stages from product development to manufacturing as a series of projects, and establish a system of collaboration with strategic partners (= maximize the length of the value chain that can be handled) and perform total coordination.

This is why we are able to fully utilize a wide variety of batteries and be quicker than any other company to provide an “answer” to the requirements that our customers truly want to realize.

The more difficult the theme is, the more we hope you make an inquiry with us.
This is because if you allow us some of your time to discuss the matter positively, then we are confident that you will receive an answer that you will be satisfied with.