Development and manufacturing of highly reliable battery packs using 18650 type cell


ApplicationsIn-Vehicle SystemElectric Farm EquipmentSmall Cordless
Medical Equipment
Output Voltage100V~200V24V~48V28V
Other examples: Communication robots, power supply for waterproof outdoor tools, backup power supply for testing device, etc.

ODM battery pack using “18650” cylindrical cells

The 18650 type is the most mass-produced battery cell. It has the least fluctuation in quality and the highest reliability and safety.
This is the optimal solution offering a cost-effective and highly reliable battery pack for standardized specification requirements.

  • The quality and performance of battery packs are greatly influenced by the design capabilities.
    Unless you have the right design concept and adequate battery control technology, even if you use the same 18650 type cells, the battery pack cannot demonstrates the performance expected by customers.
    Our mission is to incorporate various elements such as the temperature inside the battery pack and the usage environment into the design requirements in advance, select the optimal cell to achieve the requirement, and design and provide the optimal battery pack that maximizes the cell performance.
  • Based on our abundant experiences, we have created a “development platform that enable us to meet various requirements”, and by utilizing that platform, we provide top quality product in the shortest timeframe.
  • Also, for customers who consider developing laminated battery pack as a platform, realistic approach is to develop 18650-based battery packs with similar performance requirements in a short time, then switching to laminate battery pack technology after resolving problems. That would reduce the risk in product planning.

Development and manufacturing of highly reliable battery packs using laminated cells


ApplicationsMobile RobotAGV・UGVIndustrial Drone
Output Voltage24V~48V24V~48V24V~48V
Key FeaturesLong life designRegenerative powerMax 100A output
Other examples: Power source for industrial robots, small electric vehicles, work support suits, engine starters, etc.

ODM battery pack using laminate battery cells

As laminated batteries have a high degree of freedom in the performance requirements and selecting shapes, it gives us a high degree of freedom in the design of the final battery system.
The ability to realize cutting-edge systems that required by customers would be expanded dramatically.
This is the optimal solution for realizing regenerative charging, weight reduction, and high energy density.

  • We select and evaluate battery cells that meet the customer’s requirements such as size and rate characteristics, and provide the optimum pack.Note: We are happy to discuss the pack development using the battery cells selected by the customer.
  • Advanced process and control technology are required for multi-series and multi-parallel arrangement.
    Being as a laminate cell developer, we possess such special technologies and are capable of providing high-quality packs that resolve problems.
  • The laminated cell is expected to dramatically improve cell performance in the future. The optimal approach is to adopt laminated cells as a solution to challenge pack performance limitations while maintaining reliability.

Development and manufacturing of battery packs using in-house laminate cells

Example: Battery pack using laminate cells

Development Examples

<Super high output, battery pack for power>
  • Capacity : 4kWh
  • Voltage : 1000V
  • Current : 800A(instant 800kW input/output)
  • Vibration/Shock resistance: UN38.3 certified
<High out put, small pack for starter>
  • Capacity : 40Wh
  • Voltage : 9.6V
  • Current : 50A (instant 480W input/output)
  • Low to high temperature: UN38.3 certified
<Dimension / Cell block / Connectivity>
  • Thin battery pack with a thickness of 55 mm or less, taking advantage of the characteristics of the laminate type cells.
    This can be mounted on 1U (44mm)
Because Enax is a battery cell developer, we can understand the characteristics of cells, solve problems, and excel in packing technology. We are able to provide high quality special battery packs for various purposes from small to large types in short delivery leadtime.
  • Available in special shapes such as wide and vertical
  • Multi-series, multi-parallel battery pack to meet the needs of customers
  • Able to output the battery status via communication and manages fine control of the battery