Based on the belief that “a company is a public institution of society” ENAX recognizes that it is our social responsibility to tackle environmental problems, takes responsible for the future, and contributes to the realization of prosperous recycle-based society, as a member of society.

Guidelines for Action

  1. We recognize environmental risks and make effort to reduce the risks of society as a whole. We will strive to continuously improve the environmental management system and prevent pollution.
  2. We provide lithium ion secondary batteries for efficient use of renewable energy and position them as mobile energy. We develop products that impress customers, and provide them as environmentally friendly and efficient energy sources.
  3. We set goals to achieve the above objectives and strive to promote them with concrete plans.
  4. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements that we agree to.
  5. We make efforts to provide environmental management education and enlightenment.
  6. We keep all employees informed about the environmental policy and publish it on our website as our basic philosophy.

Enax works to reduce the environmental burden.