In order to ensure the safety of our customers and employees, we have established a system to eliminate antisocial forces such as gangsters, gangster officials, and a so-called sokaiya (corporate racketeer) and take systematic measures to break all relationships with these forces.

Our company do not conduct any business with antisocial forces.
If we find that someone who has already done business with us is an antisocial force, we will promptly take appropriate measures to terminate the transaction.
We do not provide any funding to antisocial forces.
We will not respond to any unreasonable demands from antisocial forces. If an unreasonable demand is found by antisocial forces, we will take civil or criminal legal action.
In regard to the elimination of antisocial forces, we will continue to build a close cooperative structure with the police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organization, lawyers, and other related external organizations.

ENAX, Inc.