1996ENAX, Inc. established
2000Participated in project for development and commercialization of EV truck equipped with large stacked LIB
2001Assigned to develop battery module for HEV by top leading Japanese automotive manufacturer
2003Self-developed LIB for electric bike, adopted by US-based EV Global Motors
2004 Jointly developed LIB with Fukui University, conducted driving tests on trams at Fukui Railway Won Grand Prize in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Venture Technology Awards for LIB as alternative to lead-acid battery for automotive applications Established joint venture company with Degussa AG (Present Evonik) and began manufacturing LIB electrodes in Sandong Province, China Jointly developed battery pack for HEV with Continental AG
2008Received capital increase with private allocation of new shares to TEMIC Automotive Electric Motors GmbH and others
2010Established joint venture company with Catarc for manufacturing LIB for automotive application
2011Received FY2011 Intellectual Property Achievement Award from Japan Patent Office
2015Became part of the Sekisui Chemical Group
2018Awarded “Management of the Year 2017” by DIAMOND Management Club
2019Joined Daiwa Securities Group through corporate reorganization