To build “the future created by lithium ion batteries (LIB)” with absolute certainty, ENAX never cease to pursue nor challenge

Nobuaki Sakurai

As the momentum gathers to transform electrification of vehicles into reality, just as with cloud services through the integration with AI, the values sought for batteries for automotive applications (LIB) has been changing drastically from ownership (tangible factors) to utilization (intangible factors).

This is all the more reason ENAX believes the value proposition we offer is our agile solutions. We are capable and feasible. To propose specifications speedily for LIB and its system to materialize the power source needs of customer’s “intangible factors”. To convert these specifications into actual products as “tangible factors”.

Proposing One Stop Solutions to resolve challenges for “intangible factors” and providing Rapid Prototyping Solutions to bring them into shape. These are two keywords to describe ENAX’s activities.

With our promising and reliable technology reinforced by rich experience in research and development over the past years, ENAX has implemented various joint development projects in partnership with worldwide leading companies in the automotive and machinery industries.

Today, as we expand our potential with introducing the new business model leading from system proposals to solution proposals, we aim to make an extensive growth together with our innovative customers.

Remaining to be your best Technology Partner and Solutions Partner, up until now and from now on, ENAX looks forward to your continuous support as we undertake the challenges and outface the new stages of battery industry with innovative technology and solutions.