Changing the future of applications with lithium-ion batteries

It has been more than a quarter of a century since the commercialization of lithium-ion batteries. During that time, lithium-ion batteries have been adopted in many applications such as laptop PCs and mobile phones. With the progress of technological development, larger and higher capacity batteries have developed and EVs will soon replace the cars with internal combustion engines.

In such technological transition, Enax has collaborated with various customers to develop the batteries required for their applications, by utilizing the technology and knowledge we have cultivated in the early days of lithium-ion battery development.

Expectations for lithium-ion batteries have been increasing in recent years, and the application using it has expanded from the ground to the sky. In order to meet such demand for higher specifications, Enax works on the development of next-generation batteries such as silicon anodes, lithium metal, lithium-sulfur and all-solid-state batteries. Also, we have been working on the technology to make a battery pack with these latest batteries, while looking into the shortest approach to their practical application.

Enax is capable of making and providing batteries based on the customer’s needs for their application even when it does not exist in the current market. We develop special battery technologies.

Challenging to reduce environmental load – Pursuing true ecology

Lithium-ion batteries are ecological as they do not emit CO2 when used as a power source. However, various environmental loads are generated in the life cycle from the battery making process to the application disposal when it has finished its role.

Under such circumstances, there is a growing movement to promote “Reuse” the lithium-ion battery that has finished its role as a power source for EVs.

Enax, pursuing true ecology, takes responsibility not only for “Reuse” but also for the entire battery life cycle, and will take on the challenge of reducing the environmental load as much as possible.

Approach to 3R

Approach to 3R
– Approach to reduce waste as much as possible
– Use used products for different purposes
– Reuse as a material instead of disposing as landfill

Enax works to reduce the environmental burden.

Takashi Sawao, President of Enax, Inc.