What’s ENAX?

Enax is a company who develops “special laminate lithium ion batteries” and “lithium ion battery packs”.

Having a “wide range of battery cell product lineup” and “packing technology” as a weapon, we can meet any use cases desired by our customers and provide customized battery solutions for them.

Power Supply = Battery System Performance

The customer’s needs is nothing more than to have expected performance as the power supply on their system.
To meet this demand and respond to customer’s requirements, we determine the battery performance, fix the pack control technology and finalize with manufacturing prototype units to verify the specification with sense of speed.
Rapid MODELING is the function ENAX is expected to provide the market.

Two Rapid Service Models

ENAX’s Rapid MODELING is based on following two service models.

  • (1)Rapid ONE
    Propose the selection of battery specifications and pack control technology customized for each requirement.
  • (2)Rapid TWO
    Manufacture and analyze data from prototype units (ES units*) for testing and verification to determine final specifications of CS units**.

Plus ONE

The final stage of performance verification is made with CS units to be installed on to customer’s existing system.
Producing sizable quantity of CS units required for their purpose with sense of speed is crucial.
ENAX has flexibility to manufacture the products in requested quantities; from small-scale production (several hundred cells and several dozen units) to mass-production level in larger quantities.

*ES units: Engineering Sample units
** CS units: Customer Sample units