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In functional prototyping, "design verification" and "production process verification" are conducted with actual size in mind.
In this phase, specific quality targets are set for product realization, and prototyping and evaluation are conducted in stages.

Details of prototyping Details of prototyping

Process development of pouch cells

Using pouch-type battery cells, we perform design verification in actual size and process verification using a prototype line. We can also handle small-quantity prototyping upon customer request.
Specifically, we will semi-customize pouch type battery cells and verify various functions such as current input/output characteristics, heat generation evaluation, durability testing, reliability testing, battery cell structure design, procurement of specialized materials, development of prototype production line, and small volume prototyping.

Design and development of battery pack units

We determine the mechanical shape and interface that can be installed in the customer's product, and design the battery module, BMS (substrate/software), and outer housing to meet the target performance.
In order to prevent rework in development, the quality of the final product for mass production is determined with the customer during this phase and reflected in the design.
Small samples are produced using rubber molds, cutting, and 3D prototyping, and basic reliability tests are conducted to transition to mass production.

Even if the customer is unable to provide specific specifications, we will formulate and propose specifications and evaluation methods to realize the product.

A "manual" prototype is made in actual size for the product prototyped in the principle prototype.

We can also help you solve other problems according to your requirements.
We can also provide individual consultation on delivery time according to size and quantity.


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