Principle prototype

Proof of concept / PoC

In principle prototyping, we verify the function and performance of concepts designed on the desk.
Prototypes are built according to requirements documents, specifications, drawings, and schedules, and evaluated with a focus on function and quality.

Details of prototyping Details of prototyping

Design, development and verification of pouch cells

We verify the design concepts using small-sized single-layer pouch cells. We also make full use of our knowledge of battery materials' physical properties, manufacturing methods, and alliances with material manufacturers, which we have cultivated over many years of development, to select materials that meet our customers' requirements.
(Material selection: cathode material, anode material, conductive material, binder, separator, electrolyte, additive, etc.)
Specifically, we examine electrode recipes, verify electrolyte recipes, check basic characteristics, and perform simulations and analysis based on customer requirements.

Design and development of battery pack unit

We offer proposals from battery selection and evaluation.
In order to confirm the feasibility of the product in the shortest time possible, we can use our development asset BMS to evaluate our prototypes in barracks. as long as the specifications are met.
We have welding, inspection, and evaluation equipment for the production of battery modules.
Even if the customer is unable to provide specific specifications, we will formulate and propose specifications and evaluation methods to realize the product.

The purpose of creating a prototype is to verify the functionality and performance required by the customer, but we may also make the prototype smaller than the actual prototype to see if the principle is fulfilled.

We can also help you solve other problems according to your requirements.
We can also provide individual consultation on delivery time according to size and quantity.


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