BCP power supply development/volume production

Power supply unit that combines "long life" and "high reliability" as an emergency power source and "instantaneous operation" in the event of a power failure

※Please note this product has already been discontinued.

Execution details

  • Development of energy storage system using commercial 100V inverter
  • Acquisition of JIS C 8715 certification
  • Startup of a production line at a mass-production plant
  • Establishment of a recycling/disposal scheme for used energy storage systems under the wide-area certification system
  • BCP Measures

    BCP Measures

  • long life

    long life

  • easy to use

    easy to use

Customer needs/background Customer needs/background

The Great East Japan Earthquake exposed the fragility of the electric power supply network, and this has increased momentum for the need for backups to commercial power sources as a business continuity plan (BCP) even for small and medium-sized enterprises.
The conventional approach to BCP for power supply systems was to use generators in hospitals and municipal buildings, which tended to require large equipment and were difficult to implement in small offices.
Therefore, we constructed an energy storage system that can seamlessly and automatically start up backup for PCs and cold storage in offices and clinics during relatively short power outages, such as rotating power outages.

Introduction of optimal batteries

  • Cylindrical battery cell (externally procured)

    Cylindrical battery cell (externally procured)

Application examples

  • Commercial Office
  • hospital
  • recreational facility
  • municipality

Example of battery pack unit development

In the development of battery pack units, we provide examples of development from the aspect of application.
Depending on the customer's application, there are various requirements. We design, develop, and provide the most suitable battery pack unit for our customers.


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