Battery pack unit development/development for flying vehicles

Realization of power supply for high-altitude flying objects

Execution details

  • Quality evaluation of pouch cells procured overseas
  • Multi-series / multi-parallel module/pack design using pouch cells,
  • Pressurized and constrained design of high energy density batteries
  • Redundancy secured by BMS that can handle failure modes
  • Low temperature operation
  • Quality control of pouch cells and BMS design for flight mode
  • Lightweight


  • Increased safety

    Increased safety

Customer needs/background Customer needs/background

The establishment of a stratospheric communication platform required the development of an ultra-lightweight power source using high-energy density batteries.

Introduction of optimal batteries

  • Pouch cell (external procurement)

    Pouch cell (external procurement)

Application examples

  • drone
  • HAPS

Example of battery pack unit development

In the development of battery pack units, we provide examples of development from the aspect of application.
Depending on the customer's application, there are various requirements. We design, develop, and provide the most suitable battery pack unit for our customers.


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