Automotive Auxiliary Power Supply/Development and Mass Production

Uninterrupted power supply during the day even when idling is stopped

Execution details

  • Establish a design/procurement/manufacturing value chain and conduct mass production development in 6 months
  • Set quality requirements and conduct evaluation of developed products
  • Start-up of mass production line
  • Mass production sales and after-sales service
  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

  • In-vehicle quality

    In-vehicle quality

Customer needs/background Customer needs/background

With the diversification of logistics scenes and increasing demand, a power source to drive small refrigerators and freezers during the day was needed.
The company has achieved both driver-friendliness and in-vehicle quality in the shortest time possible to get the product on the market.

Introduction of optimal batteries

  • Cylindrical battery cell (externally procured)

    Cylindrical battery cell (externally procured)

Application examples

  • Automotive Auxiliary Equipment
  • AGV
  • Industrial Robots

Example of battery pack unit development

In the development of battery pack units, we provide examples of development from the aspect of application.
Depending on the customer's application, there are various requirements. We design, develop, and provide the most suitable battery pack unit for our customers.


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