Mobility Power Source Development

Development of modules/packs for mobility that can handle harsh environments

Execution details

  • Circuit/enclosure design
  • Multifunctional software development based on use cases
  • Stress analysis using software simulation with lightweight and compactness as the development goal
  • Evaluation of capability through vibration testing
  • High input-output

    High input-output

  • Solid


  • High voltage

    High voltage

Customer needs/background Customer needs/background

The global trend toward electrification as the main driving force of mobility is progressing as part of the goal of sustainable development, with the aim of moving away from fossil fuels.
Our track record matched the desire of a major domestic motorcycle manufacturer who was looking for a manufacturer capable of developing a lithium-ion battery pack with a lightweight and compact shape that could instantaneously flow a large current.

Introduction of optimal batteries

  • Prismatic battery cell (externally procured)

    Prismatic battery cell (externally procured)

Application examples

  • Electric Four-Wheel
  • Electric two-wheelers

Example of battery pack unit development

In the development of battery pack units, we provide examples of development from the aspect of application.
Depending on the customer's application, there are various requirements. We design, develop, and provide the most suitable battery pack unit for our customers.


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