demonstration test of batteries for grid-connected systems

Participation in NEDO Project
~Development and demonstration test of batteries for new energy power storage with electric power companies~

Customer needs/background Customer needs/background

"We want to develop a high-performance, low-cost energy storage system using lithium-ion batteries for the purpose of smoothing the output of new energy sources such as wind and solar power generation and for power storage."

In response to such requests from customers, we developed fundamental technologies to simultaneously realize "stable supply," "high performance," and "cost reduction" for all components and materials that make up the energy storage system.
In addition, keeping in mind that the system will be used in the electric power industry, we pursued safety and reliability, and set the goal of "satisfying the standards, costs, and quality issues required by electric power companies in all fundamental technologies."

Execution details

Based on the following research results, we developed a 100kWh class lithium-ion battery energy storage system with energy density of 120Wh/kg and power density of 2000W/kg, and demonstrated its operation at a new energy generation site of an electric power company.

  • Development of Metal Oxide Anode Material and its Current Collector Substrate
  • Development of high-performance cathode materials using nanoblend technology
  • Development of low-cost electrode active materials and their mass production
  • Development of cell balancer control and battery management system for module batteries

Battery type

  • Pouch Cells

    Pouch cells

Application examples

  • grid-connected system

Pouch type cell
process development case study

We have developed processes for pouch cells in response to various customer requirements.
Here are some examples of process development from the aspect of performance and characteristics of pouch cells.


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