Product development/prototyping of EV/HEV/PHEV battery

Developing vehicle-mounted batteries with automakers

Customer needs/background Customer needs/background

As the 21st century began, common sense about the environment was undergoing a revolution, and various automakers were promoting the development of EVs to achieve zero emissions from automobiles.
Under such circumstances, we were contracted by an automaker to develop, prototype, and test large lithium-ion battery cells for mass-produced vehicles.
For the development of pouch battery cells for vehicles, we were in charge of basic design, study/execution of manufacturing process, characteristic test and safety test of prototype battery cells, and connection method for battery packaging. We also established the basis of the mass production process and transferred it to the automobile manufacturer.

Execution details

  • Material verification and composition development of electrode/separator/electrolyte, etc.
  • Prototyping and evaluation with a coin/single layer battery cell
  • Mixing process development
  • Coating process development
  • Stacking process development
  • Charge/discharge process development
  • Quality (inspection) process development
  • Regulatory compliance (UN38.3, etc.)
  • Multi-layer battery cell prototyping and evaluation
  • Basic battery pack unit development
  • Joint patent application
  • Transfer of manufacturing process to mass production plant

Battery type

  • Pouch Cells

    Pouch cells

Application examples


Pouch type cell
process development case study

We have developed processes for pouch cells in response to various customer requirements.
Here are some examples of process development from the aspect of performance and characteristics of pouch cells.


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