Development/sales of special high-power batteries

Realizes ultra-high input/output characteristics
Used in heavy equipment/special vehicles and motorsports applications

Customer needs/background Customer needs/background

Hybrid technology using an internal combustion engine (ICE) and an electric motor has begun to spread in order to reduce CO2 emissions.
Among these, unprecedented high input/output characteristics were required for heavy/special-purpose vehicles that transport heavy loads and for operation in the high speed range of motorsports. This led to the development of "ultra-high input/output lithium-ion batteries" that can handle high instantaneous power (power drive) and rapid deceleration (regenerative braking).

  • Case 1: High input/output and operation under low temperature environment
  • Case 2: High input/output and high reliability, operation with extreme performance (high temperature environment)

Execution details

  • Verification of electrode recipe from material development (high C-rate input/output characteristics, improvement of characteristics in low and high temperature range)
  • Establishment of thin coating process to achieve high input/output characteristics
  • Start-up and operation of large pouch cell production line
  • Improvement of reliability and acquisition of JISQ9100 quality standard certification

Battery type

  • Pouch Cells

    Pouch cells

Application examples

  • Motor Sports
  • Heavy Machinery, Special Vehicles

Pouch type cell
process development case study

We have developed processes for pouch cells in response to various customer requirements.
Here are some examples of process development from the aspect of performance and characteristics of pouch cells.


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