Next-Generation HEV/High-Speed EV Vehicles

Advanced-function of charge/discharge behaviour is highly anticipated for next-generation HEV/High-speed EV vehicles.

ENAX is responsible for the development of this feature, using its proprietary super-high rate lithium-ion battery technology.

What we define as super-high rate function:

High-speed charge/discharge characteristics : Over 100C rate
Rapid recharging : Able to recharge up to 90% in 3 minutes
Operational temperature : Able to recharge/discharge at 80°C

Taking in customer’s essential requirements, details such as capacity, rate and battery life, we design the optimal battery and customize the cell size to deliver as proposal.


Safety comes first. Lightweight and capable for long flying periods. These are the essential elements of industrial drones.

<Solution Techniques>
Utilizing high-capacity small laminate lithium ion batteries enable drones to be lightweight and hold high capacity, dramatically increasing flight distances.

ENAX’s significant experience in developing and manufacturing lithium ion batteries enables to fulfil battery performance manageability*. With our knowledge in application of parallel connections of small laminate lithium ion batteries, ENAX has empowered to guarantee safety in drone loading which had previously been considered difficult.

*Knowledge of optimizing the combination of individual laminate batteries and the integration of BMS technology for controlling the batteries are the highlight keys and ENAX’s outstanding technology.

Robots/Support Suits

The types of battery pack robot developers need must be small and lightweight, capable to offer high output and to be made in almost any shape.

<Wearable with high quality of safety assurance>
As support suits are designed to be “wearable” and attached directly to human body, they need to be resistant to heat discharge and satisfy higher level of safety.

Using safety assured battery packs with multi-parallel connections, designed to be as high-output small laminate cells.
ENAX’s two core technologies, “knowledge of optimizing the combinations of individual laminate batteries” and “BMS functions to control” ensures feasible solutions.

Special-purpose Vehicles/FCV Forklifts

The mainstream in fuel cell vehicles are the hybrid systems using auxiliary power source such as a battery or capacitor.

The mainstream in fuel cell vehicles are the hybrid systems using auxiliary power source such as a battery or capacitor.

By switching from a capacitor-based system to ENAX’s super-high rate lithium ion battery, the power-source system reduced in size and obtained higher capacity.

Performance overview of ENAX’s super-high rate lithium ion battery:

High input/output characteristics : 200C Rate level
Capacity : Several ten times larger than capacitor
Operational from ultra-low to extremely high temperatures : -30°C – 80°C (customizable)