Focus of Our Technology

Full custom development of super high rate lithium ion battery (LIB) cell pack for automotive applications
Wide range of operational temperatures (-30℃ to 80℃)
Super High-speed charge/discharge characteristics equivalent to lithium ion capacitor (LIC)

Full custom design of lithium ion battery (LIB) pack for mobility application
Supports high voltage LIB pack up to 1000V
Outstanding LIB pack control technology to ensure the performance and safety of multi-parallel laminated cell structure

Successful Development and Implementation

Worldwide from domestic to overseas automobile manufacturers, ENAX has outstanding examples of implementing joint product development with leading companies up to the present.
As much as we wish to share the great experiences, ENAX highly values the relationship with individual customers where we appreciate your understanding of the confidentiality agreement concluded for each case.

海洋探査船動力電源用高容量電池の開発/ 販売海洋研究開発機構
農機具向けエンジンスターター用電池の開発/ 販売農機具メーカー
アシスト自転車用電池の開発/ 販売自転車メーカー
系統連系システム用電池の開発/ 実証試験NEDOプロジェクト(電力会社との共同研究)
車載用(EV)用電池の開発/ 技術供与中国合弁企業
特殊ハイパワー電池の開発/ 販売現製品(ENU-SHP20P)